Did Akshay Kumar ask Modi to open Army Welfare Bank account?

There are allegations that the funds were used to buy weapons.




A long post on a bank account opened in the name of Army Welfare is doing its rounds on the internet since 2017 mentioning that it was suggested by the actor Akshay Kumar and opened by Modi and that the funds received in the account will be used to buy weapons.

The post mentions “Another good decision by the Modi government on the suggestion of Superstar Akshay Kumar: Daily payment of only one rupee, that too for the Indian Army. In the cabinet meeting yesterday, the Modi government opened a bank account for the modernity of the Indian Army and for the soldiers who are injured or martyred in the war zone. In which every Indian can donate any amount on his own free will. Which starts from Rs.1 and is unlimited.*

* This money will also be used to buy weapons for the army and paramilitary forces. Taking a final decision on today’s burning situation on Mann Ki Baat and suggestions of people on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Modi government has opened Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualty Fund account in New Delhi, *Canara Bank.*

* This is the master stroke of Film Star Akshay Kumar. From where no one can stop India from becoming a super power. If even 70% of India’s 130 crore population puts only one rupee daily in this fund, then that one rupee will be 100 crores in a day. 3000 crores in 30 days and 36000 crores in a year. 36,000 crores is not even the annual defense budget of Pakistan. We spend 100 or 1000 rupees daily in useless work, but if we give one rupee for the army, India will definitely become a super power.

* Your money will be directly deposited in the Defense Ministry’s Army Assistance and War Casualty Fund. Which will be useful for military material and army personnel.

*That’s why help the army directly by joining this campaign of Modiji.*

  Nothing will happen by doing hi hi kar Pakistan, blocking roads and making rhetoric. Implement the thinking of Modi and the people of the country and strengthen the army of our country. So that countries like Pakistan and China can be told their status without the help of any other country. Bank details are given below.

*Bank Details:*



*A/C NO:* *90552010165915*

*IFSC CODE:* *CNRB0000267*

Posts with such a claim can be seen here, here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

Youturn has previously published an article in Tamil in 2019 on the army welfare bank account details.

Additional Directorate General of Public Information (ADG PI – Indian Army) Twitter account in September 2016 tweeted to clarify on the issue of army welfare fund battle casualties. The bank account number was mentioned in the letter tweeted and is mentioned that the donations received in the fund will be utilized to pay financial assistance/grants to the widows of the Battle casualties, their next of kin, and dependents.

Syndicate Bank’s Twitter account ‘Syndicate Bank – Now Canara Bank’ replied on 15, February 2019 to a tweet of a user who checked if the account mentioned belongs to Army Welfare. The reply says that the donations received in the fund will be utilized to pay grant to widows of Battle Casualties & dependents.

In the same thread, another user commented on July 2021 to check about the new IFCN code to which Canara Bank Twitter account replied that Syndicate IFCN codes are disabled post-merger and has provided a link to check more details.

Indian Army’s official website mentioned the updated Canara bank account details of the ‘Army Forces Battle Casualties Welfare Fund’ post-merger of Syndicate bank with Canara bank. A few other options to donate/contribute to Army Welfare Funds are also listed on the website. Nowhere in the tweets or website, it has the name of the actor Akshay Kumar.


The bank account for Army Welfare opened in Syndicate bank was approved by the Ministry of Defense and post-merger, Canara bank account is being used. The option was neither suggested by the actor Akshay Kumar nor opened by Modi as mentioned in the claim. And the funds received in the account are not used to buy weapons as claimed but are used to pay financial assistance/grants to the widows of the Battle casualties and dependents.

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