This article is from Nov 05, 2020

Rumors are spreading as that Arnab urinated in his pants!


If this is the case for Arnab Goswami! Kishore K Swamy’s condition ???

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News and memes related to the arrest of Republic TV news editor Arnab Goswami by Mumbai police have gone viral on social media.

Meanwhile, a photo of Arnab Goswami urinating in his pants during a police investigation has gone viral on Twitter and Facebook. Although it is easily identifiable as a fake photo to look at, we were able to see the photo being shared based on politics.

The photo went viral last April after Arnab Goswami was seen urinating in the pant after an 11-hour police investigation. They are still spreading using the same photo.

Arnab has been accused of inciting religious hatred in connection with the murder of a Hindu priest in Maharashtra’s Balkar area last April. In this connection, the Nagpur police registered a case and started an investigation.

Arnab appeared in person for the trial of the case. He was interviewed when he came out after a 12-hour interrogation. The news, posted on on April 28, features a real photo of Arnab with the guards. In it, they have been teasing and viralizing Photoshop.


In our search, we came to know that they are spreading rumours that Arnab Goswami had urinated in his pant on a photo taken during a police appearance was a photoshop one.


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