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Did Prakash Raj remark “When a Telugu guy like Vishal can get elected in Tamilnadu, why can’t I?


In a press conference , actor Prakash raj furiously asked, “When a Telugu guy Vishal can win a contest in Tamilnadu Actors association election, why can’t I?

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Popular film actor Prakash Raj was contesting for Telugu Actors Association President post. In a press conference, a question has been raised “How can a Kannadiga contest in a Telugu Actors election?” It is alleged that he has replied “When a Telugu guy Vishal can contest in Tamilnadu Actors association election, why can’t I?” Kathir news published this as a news card in their twitter account on June 27 along with an article. Popular Tamil newspaper Dinamalar also posted the news on June 26th, in its cinema section, asserting that statement was made by Prakash raj in a press conference.

What is the authenticated news?

Some Tamil news outlets have reported regarding Prakash Raj’s contest in Telugu Actors Association election and how he responded to the provocative racial remarks made against him.

On June 26, News18 Tamil reported that the actor responded to racial abuse by saying that “it is not right to divide artists by language.” On June 28 , the tamil daily Dinathanthi also reported the same. There was no information in the news that Prakash Raj spoke about Vishal.

Kathir News has uploaded an image along with their news article where Prakashraj along with his team on stage was responding to questions. We searched about the press meet and found that on June 25, a youtube channel named Filmy Focus has uploaded Prakash Raj’s team interview wherein he responded to the comments made against their team.


We approached a person who knows Telugu to translate the 12 minutes audio clip but nowhere in the video did he talk about Vishal or Tamil Nadu. In the context of racial discrimination, the only statement he made was “Artists don’t have language discrimination. I will serve well, if I come to power.”

To affirm it, Youturn contacted Mr. Prakash Raj and enquired about it , he responded , “Some people wrote something as they wished, I never said anything of that sort.”

Conclusion :

In our search, the news which spread propagating Prakash Raj’s speech about Vishal, being a Telugu guy participated in Tamilnadu election is not true.

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