Photoshopped image from the recent ‘all party meeting’ at Delhi is shared to mock Arvind Kejriwal


The counting of votes for Assembly Election Results 2022 Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh will begin at 8 am. Delhi Chief Minister taking blessings of Prime Minister Modi before the election results.

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An image of Arvind Kejriwal bowing down to greet Modi is shared widely on social media including Facebook and Twitter with different captions mocking Arvind Kejriwal. Some of the posts with the girl image can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse searching the image, 5, December 2022 dated tweet by ANI posted a set of pictures with the caption “Delhi | All Party meeting was held on 5th December to discuss aspects relating to India’s G20 Presidency. The meeting was chaired by PM Narendra Modi & was attended by various chief ministers and political leaders. Prime Minister emphasized the importance of teamwork & sought cooperation of all leaders in organization of various G20 events. He pointed out G20 Presidency would help showcase parts of India beyond the big metros, bringing out uniqueness of each part of nation: MEA”.

Two different images from the above tweet are photoshopped to create the fake image.

A few of the comments from the comment section of the ANI tweet can be seen making fun of Arvind Kejriwal quoting the photo of him greeting Modi.


It is found that two images from recent all-party meeting held in Delhi are edited to make one image and is being shared mocking Arvind Kejriwal.

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