Arvind Kejriwal is accused of following a twitter account posting sexual content. Is it true?



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Arvind Kejriwal is campaigning in the poll bound state of Gujarat for his Aam Aadmi Party. There has been constant battle on three different fronts from Congress, BJP and AAP. Recently, a twitter trend against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of following a twitter account that posts sexually explicit content. The trend can be followed using #TharkiKejriwal and #KejriwalExposed. Some of the posts can be seen here, here, and here.

What’s the truth?

The twitter account @Esmee4Keeps has posts only from 11 October 2022 but has close to 130,000 followers. We took the username from the account to find out its user ID in tweeterID website.

We took the ID and searched it in various search engines. In Yandex, we were able to find an archived version of the twitter handle @wastedvideos_ with the page name being Children doing shit for the ID.

We made an advanced search on Twitter to see replies to @wastedvideos_ and found that the results all included @esmee4keeps along with @wastedvideos_

The account with the current username @wastedvideos_ was created in October 2022 only but our search results in Twitter advanced search are much older than that.

This confirms that old @wastedvideos_ username has been renamed as @esmee4keeps. In all the responses we found in Twitter search, the original tweet has been deleted.

When we inspected the @esmee5keeps twitter page in the browser using the inspect tool, we found that the ID was indeed renamed from its previous name @wastedvideos_ which posted funny videos of children.

It is a common practice to buy twitter accounts or other social media profiles with an established follower base and use it with a completely new identity. Similarly, this account could have been bought out and old contents could be erased before which Arvind Kejriwal might have followed the twitter handle.


In our search, we find that the twitter account which Arvind Kejriwal is accused of following, had changed its username and profile name to create a completely new identity. Several replies to its old posts are still available in twitter, although the original posts have been deleted.

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