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Arvind Kejriwal shared an edited fake video of ABP to claim AAP will win in Gujarat but deleted it later.


In #Gujrat the broom will fly, dust will not be visible, the paw will not be visible because the people of Gujarat have decided to drive away #मोदी_हटाओ_देश_बचाओ #भाजपा @ArvindKejriwal  Gujarat. #मोदी_हटाओ_देश_बचाओ

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Tweet Link | Archive Link



As the Gujarat State Assembly elections are nearing, campaigns from political parties are reaching a fervor pitch. There have been constant attacks by political parties on each other. Recently, AAP leader and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted a video supposedly from ABP News but deleted it later. Several AAP members and supporters have shared the video which can be seen here and here. The video supposedly from ABP News shows that Aam Aadmi Party would win the Gujarat State Assembly Elections.

What’s the truth?

A keyword search led us to the original video published on ABP News which was uploaded to YouTube on 16th October 2022. The first anomaly we noted from the ABP News’ video and the viral video is the length. The viral video is 2 minutes and 20 seconds long whereas the ABP News’ actual video is little over 12 minutes.

The second anomaly is the voice of the voiceover portion of the video. We can clearly see that the original voice was removed and swapped with some other voice in favor of AAP which claims that Congress is not even a contender in Gujarat elections and BJP is failing to attract people and hence AAP would win. In the actual video, Congress’ or BJP’s performance in the election campaign is not discussed.

An alleged clipping of empty seats during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally in Gujarat, which was shared by many Congress and AAP supporters, which YouTurn had debunked, has also been used in the edited viral video.

In our search, we find that the viral video is digitally modified and edited to mislead people into thinking that it is an actual news item by ABP News. Arvind Kejriwal had tweeted the edited viral video but deleted it quickly.

The cached version of the tweet can be seen in Yahoo search engine.


In our search, we find that the viral video is fake. It is digitally altered and edited to mislead people about AAP’s reach in Gujarat ahead of the Gujarat State Assembly Elections.

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