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False photo spreading as Atal tunnel | It belongs to which country?


8.8 km at an altitude of about 10,000 feet. Today our Prime Minister dedicated to the people of the country the road that connects the sands of Himachal Pradesh with the Ladakh Leh, the longest Atal tunnel that travels within a cave for a distance of meters.

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On October 3, Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the Atal Tunnel Highway, a 9-kilometer stretch from Manali in Himachal Pradesh to the Lahaul Spiti Valley.

The photo has been shared on social media posts and some news websites since last August regarding this longest highway tunnel at an altitude of 10 thousand feet above sea level.

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Even across India, the photo has been shared on news websites and social media pages. However, this photo does not belong to the Atal tunnel. You can see where this photo was taken from.

Fact Check:

When we did a reverse image search for the photo that was shared as “Atal Tunnel”, most of the posts showed Atal Tunnel. However, the website has released a photo of the tunnel settings from another angle in the viral photo titled “Devil’s Slide By-Pass Tunnels”. The tunnel is said to have been built in 2012 in California.

A further search revealed several photos of the tunnel construction work on August 4, 2012 at entitled Inside the devil’s slide tunnel. It also features a viral photo of India.

Tom Lantos Tunnels is a twin tunnel located in the San Francisco Peninsula area of the US state of California. The Tom Lantos Tunnels opened to the public in 2013.


In our search, they are misrepresenting the photo taken during the construction of the tunnel in California, USA as the Atal tunnel in India.

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