This article is from Jul 12, 2021

These are just pictures of fungus. Not a once in 50 years blossoming fig flower as it claims.


When we talk about very rare things, it is customary to say “like a fig blossom”. Means that fig tree flower is the only one that blooms once every 50 years. Only few have the privilege of seeing this flower only once in one’s life.

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A picture with a caption stating ‘People have to look and rejoice at this, it’s a fig which grows once in every fifty years..’ has been circulating in social media platforms where the flower in the picture

What’s the truth :

Reverse imaging technology has found this same picture had been used in a 2016 news article on the Marathi website “Lokmat.”

The article states ‘a crowd of people gathered to say that the miracle happened after seeing the miraculous yellow flower on the amber tree in Sunil’s house near the Datta Temple in Mirage Fort, Maharashtra. When a woman started worshipping it , everyone else followed her.’

Activists, including Dr Pradeep Patil of the anti-superstition group who came to know about this, said, “It is not a flower of the amber tree, but a kind of flower-shaped fungus. According to the article they have lodged a complaint with the local police.

Prior to this, various misleading photos such as miracle flowers that bloom once every several hundred years have gone viral on social media.

Conclusion :

In our search, we found that it is not a fig flower that blooms only once in 50 years, it is a flower-shaped fungus that is causing the sensation in 2016 as a miracle flower in Maharashtra.

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