This article is from Aug 15, 2020

An old video of Prime Minister Modi being spread as Ayodhya’s groundbreaking ceremony video!


The mob gathered at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Ram Temple. Corona is a political drama, and it has been exposed by this rally convened by Modi in Ayodhya.



A number of misleading videos and photos have been circulating on social media regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s groundbreaking ceremony for a Ram temple visit in Ayodhya on August 5. Following this, the below video has been misrepresented as a welcome meeting with Prime Minister Modi on his way to the groundbreaking ceremony in Ayodhya.

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Due to the corona pandemic, general and security arrangements were made well and the live footage of the groundbreaking ceremony was released which was held in Ayodhya. It is understandable that the video of Prime Minister Modi marching in a car without any security is not recent.

While searching for the video of the Prime Minister welcoming the people by sprinkling flowers in the car at night, we found that the viral video and the photo posted on ‘Time’ website on May 9, 2019, were the same and was captured during a roadshow in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh on April 25.


Searching with those keywords, we came across a video released on April 25, 2019, on the BJP YouTube channel titled “PM Shri Narendra Modi’s roadshow in Kashi”. In that 1.17.35 minutes video, we can find Modi going by car into the crowd. In both videos, the PM’s dress and the security guards behind him are together. The footage taken while Prime Minister Modi was travelling in a car in Varanasi is wrongly spreading as it took place in Ayodhya.

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