An old video of Himalayan vulture in Kanpur is falsely shared as Jadayu in Ayodhya Ram temple.


It took me a while to confirm. This is real. Jatayu Ji came in to see Ram Mandir; it’s the same bird species. Kalpnik was the name given by leftists, and Kangress is all coming true. Hanuman Ji bhumi poojan waley din aaye the. These signs will bring back our faith. Jai Shri Ram

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A viral video purports on X (formerly Twitter) that a demi-god in the form of a vulture, Jatayu, was found in Ayodhya. It further added, “This is the miracle that happened, and what else can we say when Jatayu came to see the Ram temple in Ayodhya? Even your eyes won’t believe that a vulture has exactly the same eyes, the same wings, the same feet, and the same beak, just like Ram’s Jatayu. Whoever saw this vulture was shocked. He just came before the Ram temple consecration ceremony.”

A similar claim was shared on X by right-wing supporters and can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

We ran a reverse image search using the keyframes of the viral video, and we found the original video posted on the ANI official X handle on January 9, 2023. The video caption states that a rare vulture was captured in the Eidgah cemetery of Kanpur’s Colonelganj.

Similar news was reported by many media outlets, such as The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Indian Express, NDTV, News18, and ABVP.

According to the media outlets, the vulture was captured in Eidgah cemetery in Kanpur’s Colonelganj, and the viral video was one year old.


The viral video of the vulture is actually from Kanpur, not from the Ayodhya Ram temple. Moreover, it is an old video and not recent one.

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