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A video of renovated Ayodhya Railway station is FAKE. Its from Gujarat !


Jai Shriram. Ayodhya Railway Station with a new look.

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A 1-minute video is going viral across India, including on Twitter and Facebook, saying that the renovation work of the railway station in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, has been completed and is getting ready with a new look. The video features a newly built railway station which looks clean with a hindu devotional song playing in its background.


What’s the truth?

In the 33rd second of the video, which will go viral as Ayodhya, I was able to see the Gujarat Tourism logo featured.

In its 33rd second, Gujarat state’s tourism logo can be seen in the viral video which claims to be a newly renovated railway station.
Based on this, while searching for the railway station, it is able to see matching pillars of the railway station in the video related to Gujarat Gandhi Nagar railway station.

A recent video of Gandhi Nagar railway station has been uploaded on Google Map. That video is currently being misrepresented as Ayodhya.

In August 2020, it was reported that the railway station in Ayodhya would be renovated and rebuilt within two years before the completion of the Ram Temple, with a budget increase of Rs 104 crore from Rs 80 crore.

Conclusion :

In our search, the video which is being spread as a newly renovated Ayodhya Railway Station can be identified as the Railway Station in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

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