Does the obscene image show the priest of Ayodhya Ram temple with a woman? No!


Are they making him the priest of Ayodhya Ram temple?? How much will the BJP fall?

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An obscene photo purportedly showing Mohit Pandey, who has been selected as a priest for the Ayodhya Ram Temple is being shared on social media. The post is shared with a claim stating “Are they making him the priest of Ayodhya temple?.” They also added, “How much will BJP fall?.” You can view related posts with similar claims here, here, and here.

What’s the truth?

It was during our investigation into the claim that we found that the picture was initially shared by Hitendra Pithadiya, a Gujarat Congress Party member.

According to a complaint made to the police station by Vaibhav Makwana of the BJP, Mohit Pandey is not in the photo that Hitendra Pithadiya posted. On the basis of that, Hitendra Pithadiya has been taken into custody by the Ahmedabad police’s cybercrime unit.

In this regard, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Cyber Crime Division, Ajith Rajian stated additional investigation is in progress, reported “The Print,” PTI (Press Trust of India).

The complaint by Vaibhav Makwana states that Hitendra shared a pornographic image of a person that resembles Mohit Pandey, the priest of the Ram Temple. A First Information Report (FIR) has been filed in response to that, and arrests have been made.

Regarding this, an article on the Gujarati-language website “Gujarati Midday” stated that Hitendra Pithadiya had uploaded fake image of the Ayodhya Ram temple’s priest. Additionally, the ‘India Today’website also carried the same news about this incident.

Based on the above information, it is clear that the picture circulating does not feature Mohit Pandey, the priest of the Ayodhya Ram temple. The original spreader of this fake news has also been taken into custody by the police.


The information regarding an obscene photo of the Ayodhya Ram temple priest with a woman is found to be untrue. It is known that Hitendra Pithadiya, a member of the Congress party, was detained in connection with the dissemination of this false information.

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