Does the video show Bageshwar Baba Dhirendra Krishna Sastri wrestling?

A video showing two people wrestling is shared as Bageshwar Baba is wrestling.


Now it is known that why Bageshwar Baba keeps on saying that Thathri Dam

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Dhirendra Krishna Sastri, a self-proclaimed saint from Madhya Pradesh is the head priest of Bageshwar Dham temple. He claimed to have performed various miracles which made him famous. The speeches of Bageshwar Baba further added to his popularity. He has been criticized and named as fraud by many. But BJP politicians have shown their support to him.

Meanwhile, a video of two people wrestling is shared with the claim that Dhirendra Sastri is not only from vyaspeeth but also wrestling. Posts with similar claims can be seen here, here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the video, multiple results were yielded out of which one turned out to be relevant to the viral video. A video uploaded by Sachal TV YouTube channel on 6, November 2020 titled ‘New Sindhi malakhra Ghullam Hussain Pathan’ is found with matching visuals at 1.55 seconds. The video is mentioned as ‘Sindhi Kushti’.

Sachal TV Youtube channel has uploaded several videos of Sindhi Malh Malakhro or Kushti Dangal Wrestling Sports. The channel also has several other videos of Ghulam Hussain Pathan’s wrestling. When searching about Ghulam Hussain Pathan, it is found that he is a Pakistani wrestler. He has been uploading his wrestling videos on his Youtube and Facebook pages.


It is found from our search that a wrestling video of a Pakistan wrestler in saffron attire is picked and falsely shared as Bageshwar Baba Dhirendra Sastri is into wrestling.

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