This video is not taken in Bangalore floods !


The happiest person on bengaluru (with a video of a boy/man diving into the flood)

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The recent torrential rains in Bengaluru has completely flooded the city and most neighbourhoods become submerged. There are many videos from Bengaluru floods that are widely shared as people all around the country and even the world are shocked at the state Bengaluru is in.

A twitter user named ‘E=MC²’ has shared a video with a caption “The happiest person on bengaluru”. In the video, a boy (man) can be seen diving into the gushing waters of the flood and being washed away as he nonchalantly floats.

The Malayalam news outlet Manorama Online had also used this tweet in its coverage of the Bengaluru floods.

What’s the truth ?

We used the key frames of the video to reverse image search and found that this video has been circulating online much before than Bengaluru floods.

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In our search we found a twitter user named ‘Renato’ who uploaded the same video with a Spanish caption and a twitter user named ‘Tujane TV’ with an Arabic caption.

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This video is being widely shared in many countries as a troll with comedic captions. Similarly, some used it during the Bengaluru floods as well. However, we were not able to find out the origin of this video.


This viral video is not taken during the recent floods and not certainly in Bengaluru. This is being wrongly shared with a claim that this video is from Bengaluru. This video has been in circulation for many years across many countries.

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