Video of a Bangladeshi bodybuilder kicking his prize is shared as from India relating it to caste discrimination



What kind of mentality is this, if a SC wins a medal 🏅 then… you are asking to stand in the corner …??


Keep kicking such Manuwadi people like this, the way itself will give way…. WELLDONE 👍👍

my country great 🇮🇳 💞

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A video of a body builder kicking away the prize given to him is shared widely on social media platforms with a claim that he kicked away the prize as he was made to stand in a corner because he belongs to the SC community. It is insinuated that the incident happened in India. Posts with such a claim can be seen here, here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords from the viral posts, a video posted on 5, January 2023 by the ‘Khas Hindi News’ Youtube channel is found with matching visuals. This video is titled ‘Bodybuilder angry on stage | Bangladeshi body builder Jahid Hasan viral video’.

With further search ‘Daily Bangladesh’ article is found reporting the incident on 27, December 2022. It is mentioned in the article that famous bodybuilder Zahid Hasan Shuvo kicked the award to protest the injustice of the Bangladesh Bodybuilding Federation. The incident reportedly happened on 23, December 2022.

The Bridge article dated 2, January 2023 reported that, at the National Bodybuilding Championships 2022 held in Dhaka, Jahid Hasan Shuvo kicked his prize, blender in protest of having been adjudged second. He conveyed his wish to speak a few words to the crowd once the result was announced, but he was denied permission by the Federation Secretary. Following this, he kicked the blender and the federation acted by banning him for life.

“Is this the sort of prize a national champion deserves? I kicked the blender away not because I was unhappy with it, I kicked it away to protest against the match-fixing that the judges had done, Shuvo told the media later”, reported The Bridge.


A video of a bodybuilder kicking his prize in a protest to having been adjudged in Bangladesh is shared with false claims that it happened in India and that the bodybuilder was asked to stand aside in the corner as he belongs to the SC community.

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