Old image of Hajj pilgrimage from Bangladesh is shared as Kerala to blame the state government.


1st one is Sabarimala pilgrimage. 2nd one is of Hajj. Hindu Temples are money minting machines and the other one is sacred for Kerala’s secular govt.

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In view of the Sabarimala season, the devotees have started visiting the temple in Kerala. Amid this, multiple visuals of the devotees are being emerged on social media platforms. One such post shows a comparison of two images, one showing a vehicle with crowded Sabarimala devotees and the other showing a non-crowded vehicle with Muslims in it.

These images are compared claiming that both are from Kerala. It is mentioned that the first image is from Sabarimala pilgrimage and the second is from Hajj. The post further claims that the Muslims are appeased in Kerala’s secular government explaining the real communism.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the viral image we found that the second photo claimed as the Hajj pilgrimage from Kerala is old and does not belong to Kerala but Bangladesh.  The same image is found featured in a Daily Sun article dated August 2018. This article reports that the first return flight carrying the Hajj pilgrims are leaving for Bangladesh’s Dhaka from Saudi Arabia’s Madina.

A similar image is found on the Alamy website mentioning that 2013’s first Hajj flight began as Biman Bangladesh Airlines took off from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport carrying the first batch of 419 Bangladeshi pilgrims to Saudi Arabia.

This proves that the second image in the viral posts shows Hajj pilgrims from Bangladesh in Bisman Bangladesh Airlines. This image is being falsely shared as Kerala pilgrims to blame the Kerala government.


An old image of Hajj pilgrims from Bangladesh is claimed as pilgrims from Kerala to blame the state government.

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