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Was Iskcon devotee who conducted an iftar feast for Muslims killed in Bangladesh ?


He is Swamy Nitai Das Prabhu who was killed in a recent attack on Bangladesh’s Iskcon temple. He conducted 30 days iftar feast for Muslims during the last Ramzan.

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It is said that videos claiming that the Quran was placed on the feet of Hindu God sculptures during Durga pooja in Cumilla which is 100 km from Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, were spread on social media. Later, violence broke because of the attacks on minority Hindus and Hindu worshipping places by Islamists.

According to October 18th Indian Express article, “6 were killed in the religious attack in Bangladesh. And hundreds of people suffered because of the violence. On October 14, Iskcon temple in Noakhali district was looted and a devotee was killed”.

In this situation, a picture of a devotee serving food to Muslims is viral on social media claiming that the person is Nitai Das Prabhu from Iskcon and is killed during the attack on Hindus and Iskcon temple during Durga pooja in Bangladesh.

What is the Truth?

Iskcon temple has reported about Bangladesh attacks on its website, “Two devotees Pranta Chandra Das and Jatan Chandra Saha were killed in the attack”.

Additionally, the photo of Pranta Chandra Das was published in an ANI article dated October 16.

When the viral photo is reverse searched, the ucanews website posted the picture in 2016 mentioning it as the Iftar feast being served to Muslims on behalf of Iskcon temple in Mayapur, West Bengal.

Similarly, the prokerala website too has published the picture on 22nd June 2016 mentioning it as an iftar feast in Mayapur.

The old picture taken in West Bengal, India in 2016 is spread wrongly as it is taken during last Ramzan claiming that the devotee who served the Iftar feast to Muslims for 30 days was killed.


The name of the person and picture claiming to be the devotee killed in the Bangladesh attacks are not true. The devotees killed are Pranta Chandra Das and Jatan Chandra Saha but not Nitai Das Prabhu, as per the Iskcon website. The claimed picture was taken in West Bengal, India in 2016.

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