Bangladesh Jamiyat Ahl-Al-Hadith’s religious conversion notice is fake and digitally altered!


Bangladesh Hindu Cyber ​​Team hacked an Islamic Facebook group and found it from there. They will get more money if they convert Brahmin girls and Indian Bengali girls.

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The image that has been shared displays a special notice from Jamiyat Ahl-Al-Hadith in Bangladesh, which announces the conversion rates for any Hindu women or individuals to Islam. The notice that has been shared is in Bangla, and the English translation has been added to the viral post.

The widely shared post also revealed that it was discovered after the Bangladesh Hindu Cyber Team broke into an Islamic Facebook group and found this information. The post states that converting a woman from a Brahmin family costs 3 lakh, Taka, converting an Indian Bengali woman costs 2 lakh Taka, converting a woman from a called “Namashudra” caste costs 50,000 Taka, and converting a family as a whole costs 5 lakh Taka.

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What’s the truth?

We began the analysis by looking through the Bangladesh Jamiyat Ahl-Al-Hadith’s official website. We took the date on the notice in circulation, which is February 6, 2022, as a hint and looked for any announcement from the website around those times.

Two notices with the date February 6 uploaded on February 7 were visible to us on the website. It’s interesting to note that one reference number matched the viral image.

We have attached a comparison image of the viral and original by marking the changes for the reader’s reference below.

While going through the original notice in Bangla we used Google Translate to change the contents to English. Additionally, we have included the original Bangla-to-English translation below.

The original notice read as, “the information about the two-day-long training workshops with district representatives in the fourth meeting of the 10th Executive Council of Bangladesh Jamiat Ahl-Al-Hadith held on February 5, 2022, to increase the invitation of Quran and Hadith classes and organizational activities. Accordingly, the 1st training workshop will be held on 26 February 2022, Saturday, at 09:00 AM at “Allama Abdullah Kafi Al Qurashi (RA) Auditorium”, Jatrabari, Dhaka Insha-Allah.”

Further, the notice requested the presence of the President, General Secretary, Organizing Secretary, Treasurer, and Da’wat and Tabligh Affairs Secretary of the Zilla Jamiat during the workshop training.

All this confirms and clarifies that the viral notice is digitally altered and falsely shared with the conversion rates of Hindu women to Islam.


To sum up, the viral claim stating that the notice from Bangladesh Jamiyat Ahl-Al-Hadith announcing the conversion rates of Hindu women to Islam is a hoax.

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