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Tearful photos of Bangladeshi rickshaw worker going viral!


An example of the inhumanity of human beings.
These are the photos. A bulldozer bulldozes the rickshaw of a poor rickshaw worker. Look at the anguished cry of the man who cries when he sees his livelihood being taken away. You will have a pain. Note: Bangladesh bans bicycle rickshaws.


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Photos and video of a worker rickshaw driver in agony over a bulldozer bulldozing a rickshaw of a rickshaw man over a ban on rickshaws in Bangladesh have gone viral in India. Some have misrepresented that the incident took place in India.



Here is a look at the incident in a Bangladeshi what happened to the rickshaw driver next. During the search, on October 9, News18 released a viral video with a photo of a rickshaw worker entitled “Social media comes to rescue Bangladeshi rickshaw driver after officials seize his vehicle”.
The person in the viral video is Fazlur Rahman, a battery rickshaw driver in Dhaka. He cries when his battery-powered rickshaw is confiscated by the Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC). According to Mayor Sheikh Basil Nanur Tabosh, the DSCC is working to remove e-rickshaws from the area.


Fazlur Rahman’s tearful video and photos of his rickshaw, which he recently borrowed for 80,000 rupees (Bangladesh money), were seized and went viral on social media. As posted on his Facebook page, Ahsan a social media user met Fazlur and ordered a new battery rickshaw.
Similarly, Swapno, an online grocery service company, has come forward to help Fazlur. It has announced that it will buy two battery rickshaws for him and thereby start a home delivery service. ”


Fazlur, there is no word to express my happiness. I lost myself when my rickshaw was seized from me. But, today I feel happy again. Thanks to Shwapno for rescuing me from that situation and making my dream come true,” The Dhaka Tribune website reported.


“On March 8, 2015, the country’s High Court banned mechanized and battery-powered rickshaws across the country due to lack of proper licences. Mayor Dabosh announced on September 13 that battery-powered rickshaws were illegal and that legal action would be taken against them. Following this, the Dhaka South City Corporation is taking action against battery rickshaws, ” according to the Daily Telestar website.


Fazlur, a Bangladeshi rickshaw puller, has been receiving many helping hands now after tearful videos and photos of his vehicle being seized went viral on social media. A company offered him two rickshaws and offered him his dream home delivery service.
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