2020 Australian video is shared as Bengaluru Cloud Burst video !


A spectacular timelapse video of a recent cloudburst in Bengaluru!

Time lapse pic of cloudburst in Bengaluru yesterday

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Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India, faced severe torrential rainfall in the past week resulting in many of the localities in the city being submerged. In various parts of the city, people had to be rescued using boats as the flooded areas were cutoff from all essential services, food and electricity.

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As the rains ravaged the city, some users in social media are sharing this clip and terming it as the cloudburst that resulted in extreme rains in the city.

What’s the truth ?

We took the keyframes of the video and reverse image searched to find the origin of the video. In our search, we found that the video is originally uploaded in Facebook on 25th February 2020 and the timelapse video was taken in Perth, Australia. The video was captioned as follows.

“Well this afternoons front that rolled in was something else!

I made a last minute dash down the road to the viewing area at the Perth Airport as I knew I would have a nice open area to shoot. So glad I did.

I got absolutely drenched running back down the ramp, and nearly got blown over with the gusts that came through. I had to hang on to the fence to stay on my feet. Was it worth it….. Hell yes 😁

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The video also can be found in “weather.com” uploaded on August 7, 2020.


The claim that this video was taken in Bengaluru during the recent rains is false. This video was originally taken in Perth, Australia.

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