A Bhojpuri movie scene of a reporter being kidnapped is shared as real.


Reporter got kidnapped in Dimapur broad daylight.

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A short video clip of 0:21 seconds purportedly showing a reporter being kidnapped is shared to claim that a reporter was kidnapped in broad daylight in Dimapur, Nagaland.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found no authentic reports mentioning such incident of a reporter being kidnapped in Nagaland’s Dimapur. We also performed a reverse search of the viral video keyframes which yielded no relevant results. We then skimmed through the comments section of the viral posts and found a comment thanking the film director Munna Yadav. When searching for the movies Munna Yadav directed, we found the IMDB website quoting the ‘Hum Haii Rowdy SP’ movie.

When searching for the movie we found a Youtube video on the Yashi Films channel with the title “HUM HAI ROWDY SP VIJAY (2022) (HD) | Bhojpuri Movie | Sensei Prince Mishra, Kalpna Shah”. The viral video visual is seen at the 8:55-minutes timestamp of the YouTube video. This reveals that the visuals seen in the viral video are not of a real incident but a scene from a movie.

Recently, a scene from ‘Fast and Furious 8’ was shared to falsely claim that the visuals are from the recent riots in France. Youturn fact-checked and published an article on the same.

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It is found that visuals from a Bhojpuri movie directed by Munna Yadav is shared to falsely claim that it is a real incident of a reporter being kidnapped in Dimapur.

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