An old video from 2018 is spreading with the name of an imaginary character again


Anil Upadhyay is a BJP MLA, now tell how the general public will be safe when the police are not safe from these people.

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A video is circulated on social media with a claim that the person slapping police in the video is BJP MLA, Anil Upadhyay. This video is doing rounds on social media platforms since 2019 and can be seen here, here, here and here.

What is the truth?

The name used in the viral claim ‘MLA Anil Upadhyay’ can be seen often associated with parties like BJP, and Congress to spread false claims on social media platforms. There are several such claims circulated using this name. And it is to be noted that no MLA with such a name exists in BJP and Congress parties and it is known that the person is an imaginary character.

When searching the keyframes of the video, the ‘Indian Express’ article dated 20, October 2018 was found publishing a matching image from the video with the caption, “JP Councillor Manish thrashes a Sub-Inspector who came to his hotel with a lady lawyer and got into an argument with a waiter”.

And the video was published by ANI on 20, October 2018 on its Twitter account. It is mentioned here that the councillor was arrested.

The ‘Logical Indian’ published an article on 6, November 2018 with news that the councillor’s supporters open a celebratory fire when he was out on bail.

‘UP Police Fact Check’ Twitter page tweeted that this viral claim is false on 13, October 2022.

Youturn fact-checked this viral claim and published an article on the same on 25, March 2021. This article can be viewed here.


A video claiming that BJP MLA Anil Upadhyay thrashed police is an old video from 2018 and the person mentioned is an imaginary character as there is no MLA with such a name in BJP or Congress.

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