This article is from Nov 11, 2020

The rumour video spread as cheating on the voting machine in Bihar was true?


Here is the scene where if you click the button for another symbol in the Bihar election, the vote will be recorded for the lotus.

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An 8-second video claiming to fraudulent activities on the voting machine during the 2020 Bihar Assembly elections has gone viral on social media.

Already, there is a lack of trust in the voting machine and such a video is being circulated at election time amid allegations of irregularities. They are also sharing this video a lot as the results of the Bihar elections are coming out today (November 10).

Fact Check:

The video, which was released on Facebook in May 2019, says that when you take a photo from a viral video and search for a reverse image, “vote for the lotus when you press the elephant button”. It is clear that this video has been circulating on social media since last year.

Facebook link | Archive link

Also, while watching the video going viral the woman presses the button with two fingers to vote. We can see that one finger is on the elephant symbol and one finger is on the lotus symbol. The red light blinks on the lotus symbol lights up when pressed with two fingers.

So, it seems that the video may have been taken as abusing the lotus symbol by pressing the button of the elephant symbol with two fingers. However, we are not sure who did this and where. However, it is clear that this video has nothing to do with the current Bihar election.


In our search, we came to know that the video spread that the vote in the Bihar election was cast on the elephant symbol and that the vote would fall on the lotus symbol was false and had nothing to do with the current Bihar election.




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