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Was the photo written as GoBackModi on the road is taken in Bihar?


We are the pioneer. #GoBackModi now the people of Bihar continue. Awesome.

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The photo has gone viral on social media as people in Bihar chanted “Gobackmodi” against Prime Minister Modi in the run-up to the Assembly elections.

The hashtag #gobackmodi will be trending whenever Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits Tamil Nadu. Similarly, the photo has been shared on the social networking site that the people of Bihar have started. We decided to explore the authenticity of this viral photo.

Fact Check:

The hashtag #GoBackModi was trending on social networking sites a few days ago when Prime Minister Modi went to campaign for the Bihar state assembly elections. Following this, the above photo of him protesting by writing the slogan #GoBackModi on the road has been spread not only in Tamil Nadu but also in India.

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Journalist Mayuk Ranjan Ghosh posted the photo on his Twitter page on January 11, 2020, while doing a reverse image search of the viral photo, referring to that it was a photo taken originally in Kolkata.

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The anti-CAA protest is taking place when Prime Minister Modi visits Kolkata on January 11, 2020. At the time, the Scroll website reported that protesters had written the word “Gobackmodi” on the road in protest of Modi’s visit.


In our search, it is learned that a photo taken when Prime Minister Modi was on his way to Kolkata in January 2020 at that time people protesting on his visit and writing as #gobackmodi on the road was being misrepresented as it was being written during the recent Bihar election champaign.

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