This article is from Oct 24, 2020

Old video of attacking BJP ministers in Bihar is spreading widely now!


Bihar people attacking BJP alliance ministers during Bihar election campaign.

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The video shows the BJP ministers attacked by people who went to campaign for the 2020 Bihar elections.

Last June, a video of people throwing stones at the vehicle of BJP leader and Home Minister Amit Shah, who was campaigning for the forthcoming elections in Bihar, went viral on social media. At the same time, we had published an article that people attacking with stones was not the vehicle in which Amit Shah went.

While doing a reverse image search by taking a screenshot of the scene that comes at the beginning of the viral video, on January 13, 2018, News18 News released the same video of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar being pelted with stones by villagers while riding in a vehicle.

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In an ANI report released on January 12, 2018, “People were attacked with stones during Nitish Kumar’s Vikas Samiksha Yatra in Buxar area of Bihar. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was not harmed and some security personnel were injured.


In our search, people attacked the vehicle with stones while Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar Vikas was on a Samiksha Yatra in 2018. It is learned that the same video is being spread as an attack on the BJP alliance ministers who went to the polls in Bihar in 2020.

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