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Did she killed a rapist criminal in Bihar?


Can we have a like for Pooja, the officer who shot encountered the criminal who raped and killed a girl in Bihar?
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Thousands of shares and have gone viral in Bihar with a photo of a female police officer pooja who is said to be encountered a criminal who raped and killed a girl without taking them to jail.

Ravichandran posted this post on his Facebook page last April and more than 11,000 shares have been shared so far. Praising the female police officer and we decided to look into the authenticity of the record being shared.

Fact Check:

Due to the high incidence of sexual violence against women in India, it is the opinion of the majority people that the criminals should be punished by the death penalty and punished through an encounter.

Recently accused in the case of sexual assault and murder of a veterinarian in Telangana state were killed in an encounter by the police as they tried to escape. No such incident was reported in Bihar.

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While reversing searching the photo in the viral post, a photo featuring in IPS Pooja Yadav in 2018 on the IPS-Indian Police Service.

While searching for Pooja Yadav IPS, we came to know that the details of Pooja Yadav were available on the Uttar Pradesh State Police website. Pooja Yadav is working as SP in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. There is no information that Pooja Yadav encountered the sex offender.

Previously we published an article about the rumour that policewoman was dismissed for shooting three men who used the curfew to detain and abused a 19-year-old girl in Gujarat.

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In our search, we came to know that they are spreading false news by linking the incident in Bihar with a photo of a female police officer working in Uttar Pradesh.

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