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Video of Bilaspur clash between two Hindu groups falsely claimed as attack on Hindus


How long will a Hindu beat for celebrating his Teej-festival in #अपने_ही_देश ?

For the first time in the history of Bilaspur such cruelty..

Attack on the Hindus going to immerse Maa Durga from the road of Bilaspur Sadar Bazar with sword sticks, rods, rods Attack on the idol of Maa Durga, stone pelting on Hindus

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A video of a clash is shared widely on social media claiming that Hindus are being beaten up during the goddess Durga idol immersion in Sadar Bazar, Bilaspur. The claims can be seen here, here and here.

Another post with a claim relating the clash with the celebration of Prophet Muhammed’s birthday can also be seen.

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What is the truth?

When searching with the keywords from the viral post, a few videos were listed as a result.

‘Kanak News’ has published the viral video on its Youtube page with the title ‘clash between two groups during goddess Durga immersion at Sadar Bazar area in Chhattisgarh’.

The next video from ‘Times of India’ had the generic title ‘Clash breaks out during Goddess Durga idol immersion’. And the video has mentioned ‘ANI’ in it. The search has also listed ANI’s tweet which clarified that the clash was between members of two Durga puja committees over immersing the goddess’ idol first.

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‘Times Now’ covered the incident and has mentioned clearly as ‘clash between two Hindu groups’.

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None of the news articles or videos mentioned that Hindus were attacked or related the incident to the celebration of Prophet Mohammed’s birthday. Times Now and ANI reported that the clash is between two Hindu groups.


It is falsely claimed that Hindus were attacked relating it to Prophet Mohammed’s birthday celebration. The clash is known to be between two different Hindu groups over immersing the goddess’ idol first.

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