This article is from Jul 19, 2021

Did Bill Gates tweet in support of animal sacrifice at the Eid Festival ?


“About 1 million animals are killed each day by KFC, McDonalds, Burger King etc. to feed the rich & are making money out of it. But on the festival of Eid, the Muslims slaughter sheep and cows and distribute them to the poor. Those who criticize Muslims are the ones who have mortgaged their brains” – Bill Gates



Amidst a series of anti-Muslim hate campaigns, it has been reported that Bill Gates has posted on his official social media sites that he supports Muslims by comparing the sacrifice of sheep and cows for food in large corporate food chains and the slaughter of animals at the Eid festival for the poor.

What’s the truth?

While searching about this news which is being translated and spread in Tamil in the Billgates’s official twitter handle, he did not shared any messages regarding Eid or Muslim’s in the recent past. This fake news has been shared for the past few years.

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The information which is allegedly being shared by Bill Gates was actually a tweet by @WolfieBabiee on August 19, 2019.

The tweet by @WolfieBabiee goes as, “I don’t want to see any tweet hating on Muslims for slaughtering animals, about 1 million animals killed each day by KFC, McDonalds, Burger King etc. to feed the rich & making hella money out of it. During Eid Muslims sacrifice them to feed the poor for Free & y’all lose ur mind.This comment was well received on Twitter and is currently being photoshopped and circulated under Bill Gates’ name.


In our search , it is clear that Billgates never came in support for the hate campaign against the muslims regarding the slaughtering of animals, nor did he compare it with the slaughtering in large food chains like KFC, McDonald’s etc. It turns out that the said tweet is shared by a random twitter user not Billgates.

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