This article is from Aug 07, 2021

Edited news claims that Annamalai has said that financial allocation for Tamil Nadu will be blocked !


The central government’s financial allocation to Tamil Nadu will not happen and I will not let it happen till DMK is in rule – Annamalai

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‘Kathir’ news card claims that Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai has said that he will not let the central government allocate finance for the state till DMK is in the rule. This claim is viral on social media platforms.

What is the Truth?

BJP State President Annamalai has not spoken about Financial allocation to Tamil Nadu anywhere.

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We found different news when Kathir news cards are checked. The original news card holds, “DMK is the only party to play politics with Cauveri issue since 1972 – Annamalai”.

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Twitter page ‘BJP Tamil Nadu’ has tweeted, “Do not believe fake news – State President Annamalai” with a picture of original and fake news cards.

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