BJP blames Congress for the Centre’s ban on bangles of midday meal workers.


Karnataka Education Dept. has issued a controversial new order banning bangles from women who are preparing mid day meal for children in schools. Is this an attempt to ban Hindu religious practice? Why is there no ban on the act of spitting on the bread of other community ?

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Nalinkumar Kateel, Karnataka BJP President tweeted in Kannada about the order banning the women staff preparing midday meals for school children from wearing bangles as another hateful order from the Congress government which is always venomous against Hindus.

The post further mentions “Shame on you for trying to suppress Hindu practices. The Congress, which had shed tears of blood against the order not to wear burqa inside school classrooms, is now following a repressive policy towards Hindus. It is their choice whether to wear bangles or not. I request the government not to stick its nose in this and behave with courtesy in the case of Hindus as well.”

Nalinkumar Kateel shared this tweet initially claiming that the order of banning women staff from wearing bangles was introduced by Congress. Later, BJP supporters and other social media users amplified it. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

The official Twitter page of the Karnataka Chief Minister refuted the claims mentioning that it is falsely reported that the education department of the Karnataka state government has issued guidelines regarding dress code for Anganwadi cooking staff & has asked women not to wear bangles. The fact is – the Central government has issued guidelines for PM POSHAN scheme, where they have given a dress code and has directed women staff not to wear bangles while cooking.

When searching for the guidelines of the PM Poshan scheme, we found a file from the government website. When skimming through the guidelines we found the ban on wearing bangles under ‘personal hygiene, cleanliness and health check-ups of Cook and Helpers’.

The rule is mentioned as “Nail polish or artificial nails should not be worn because they can become foreign bodies and may compromise on food safety. No watches, rings, jewellery and bangles should be worn during cooking, serving and distribution where there is a danger of contamination of product”.

Not just this, it is also instructed not to wear loose items that might fall into food. And the staff are also asked to trim their fingernails. And this is not a new rule issued by the Central government but was in practice at least since 2020. Hindustan Times article dated October 2020 reported the same guidelines issued by the Central government. Further, it is stated that the state and Union territories can frame their own protocols based on their guidelines.


It is found that the order issued by the central government for the PM Poshan scheme is peddled by BJP members that the Congress-led Karnataka government is following a repressive policy banning the Hindu religious practice of wearing bangles.

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