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What happened behind the BJP member’s viral photo?


They are dripping with blood. No need to regret. No need to cry for them. But now the trend of Tamil social networking sites is shocking. It is painful and excruciating that we are having a conversation in a mood that celebrates violence against fellow human beings.

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On the Facebook page of Annamalai, the vice-president of the Tamil Nadu BJP, reported that there is a tendency to celebrate violence on the social networking site, although it is not regrettable that the BJP has been attacked and bloodied.

However, the Facebook page that posted this post is not the official Facebook page of Annamalai, but the fan page. It is noteworthy that even before this, the posts published on this page were misrepresented as his own opinion.

This photo of the BJP was severely ridiculed overnight as no blood stains, the blood is pink, the make-up is high, he smiles well after the photoshoot, and in a few hours he trolls to target the woman in the photo as the wound heals during the press conference.

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In this connection, all the photos posted by Piyus Manush were further gone viral on social websites. Many are posting teasing BJP with band aids.

But, they are not really injured. They are involved in the protest like the victims. Tamil Nadu BJP secretary Sumathi Venkatesh posted the photo on her Twitter page.

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On her Twitter page on September 22, she said, “Today’s protest in Peravallur condemning the DMK was a resounding victory. 680 BJP members attended. ” Some of those who were there can be seen mixing with the bandage as like in the viral photo.

Sumathi Venkatesh on her Twitter page after her photo was trolled on social networking sites, during the protest yesterday condemning the DMK anarchy, all the BJP executives wore hand and head bandages to show the anarchy of the DMK to the people. Some people are spreading this wrongly on social networking sites. ”

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The headline of the news as, “BJP protest against DMK – took place in 7 places in Chennai”, “Sumathi Venkatesh, Azeem Basha and many others participated in the protest in Peravallur led by Dhaksinamurthy on behalf of North Chennai West district”.

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Photos of the BJP members with bandages in the protest like the victim against the DMK due to the wall advertisement problem were trolled incorrectly. They are misrepresented by a fan page running under the name of Annamalai IPS. It has been trolled on some Facebook pages without even knowing it is a fan page.


When Mr. Annamalai was contacted by Youturn editor Mr. Iyan Karthikeyan about the Facebook page running in the name of Annamalai, he said, “It is not my Facebook page. Recently they renamed that page as a fan page. I will take legal action against them.” Subsequently, when we searched the Facebook page again the page has been disabled.

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