Is it a photo from BJP – Congress secret meeting?


BJP Congress secret meeting?

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An image of PM Modi, Amit Shah, and Sonia Gandhi seated for a discussion is circulated on Twitter with a question if it is a secret meeting between BJP and Congress. Posts with viral image can be seen here, here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

When searching the image with google lens, it yielded multiple results with a few relevant results.

Hindustan Times article dated 12, August 2021 is found carrying an image similar to the viral image captured from the same occasion. It is mentioned that Prime Minister Modi, Sonia Gandhi joined other party leaders in Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla’s chamber post Lok Sabha adjournment. The meeting lasted for around 20 minutes where Modi and Sonia Gandhi avoided conversation except for greeting each other.

NDTV article titled ‘PM, Sonia Gandhi At Speaker’s Meet After Abrupt End To Lok Sabha Session’ is found carrying a video captured from the same occasion where the viral image was captured. It mentioned, “Home Minister Amit Shah, the Congress’s Lok Sabha leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury and leaders of the Trinamool Congress, Akali Dal, YSR Congress, and BJD were also present.”

August 11, 2021, dated Times of India article is found carrying an image similar to the viral image, both seem to have been taken on the same occasion. This article relayed the same information that the meeting was held at Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla’s official chamber post Lok Sabha session.


An image of party leaders including Amit Shah, Modi and Sonia Gandhi meeting Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla at his chamber post Lok Sabha adjournment resurfaced with the claim that it is BJP Congress secret meeting.

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