BJP councilor called the Sikh Municipal commissioner corrupt, not Khalistani.


Uttar Pradesh: A Sikh Officer was called Khalistani by a BJP leader. He was angry and walked out of the event

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On 25 June 2022, 11 IAS officers were transferred by the Uttar Pradesh government, elevating Lucknow municipal commissioner Ajay Kumar Dwivedi to the position of vice-chairman of the Agra Development Authority.

Indrajit Singh, the Chief Development Officer of Gorakhpur, has been appointed as the next municipal commissioner of Lucknow Municipal Corporation, as per the transfers list released by the government.

Meanwhile a viral video is purporting on X(formerly Twitter) that in Uttar Pradesh a Sikh man is incensed and everyone trying to stop him but is pushing everyone because he is upset because BJP leader called him Khalistani and after watching the viral video and we can hear that he is telling everyone, “no, no, no don’t try to stop me” and later Sikh man pushed everyone and exited from the room.

Similar claim was reposted by many social media users can be seen here, here, here and here.

What is the Truth?

We ran a reverse search image and we found the original full incident posted on UP Tak YouTube channel on 29 February 2023.

UP Tak reported, in the specially arranged meeting, Mayor Sushma Kharkwal and Municipal Commissioner Inderjit Singh discussed garbage management in the Lucknow Municipal Corporation.

The Municipal Corporation was holding a debate to decide which business should be chosen to clean the city. Then, it is alleged that BJP councilor Ram Naresh Rawat criticised Inderjit Singh, the municipal commissioner, asking him, “What offer have you received to bring a new company?” This infuriated the Municipal Commissioner, who walked out of the house. But even after the House started again, the Municipal Commissioner threatened to kill him if personal accusations were made again and again.

Many credible news outlets reported about this incident such as Navbharat Times, Aaj Tak, Amar Uajala, ETV and  Bharat Express

According to the full extended video and also by credible media outlets nowhere it is reported that a BJP councilor called Municipal Commissioner Indrajit Singh as Khalistani but actually he called him as corrupt.


BJP councilor called Municipal Commissioner Indrajit Singh as corrupt not Khalistani as claimed.

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