This article is from Mar 19, 2022

Did H. Raja say that it was a dross budget that did not allocate funds to Komatha ?


Dross’s budget does not allocate funds to Komatha. It is disappointing that there are no plans in the budget to protect the cows. Funds should be allocated for the maintenance of the Kosala. If the Tamil Nadu government does not have money, tell me, I will take to the streets and beg – H. Raja (Former BJP National Secretary).



A news card has been circulating that senior BJP leader H Raja had criticized the DMK government’s budget report as a junk budget as there were no plans or funds for the cow.

What is the truth?

H. Raja did not comment in the Tamil Nadu budget statement that there were no plans for the cow. The spread news card was forged and edited.

The Kathir News page also denied that the news card spread Yesterday, H. Raja posted a video on Twitter criticizing the video of Tamil Nadu Finance Minister Palanivel Thiagarajan reading out the budget speech.

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