This article is from Mar 23, 2021

Did the BJP announce that it would change the name of Tamil Nadu to “Dakshina Pradesh”?


The name Tamil Nadu will be changed to “Dakshina Pradesh” in the national language so that everyone can understand the pride of Tamil Nadu across the country.



Some social media uses claimed that the AIADMK’s alliance party BJPthe national party has announced in its election manifesto for the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections that it will change the name of Tamil Nadu to Dakshina Pradesh.

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Fact Check:

It is not so easy for the BJP to say that we will change the name to Tamil Nadu, knowing that it will face numerous opposition. Looking at the 2021 election manifesto released by the Tamil Nadu BJP, no such announcement was made.

While researching the online poster of the BJP going viral on the official Twitter page of the Tamil Nadu BJP, we came across a poster with the same photo and color based on agriculture.

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In it, “Agriculture and the welfare of farmers. A separate budget for agriculture, interest-free crop loans, and a Standing Committee on Pricing for commodities will be set up under the Public Works Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu to set up an ‘Agricultural Irrigation Department’.

Based on this, it is possible to know that they are spreading rumors in Photoshop that the name of Tamil Nadu will be changed in the photo of the promise made by the Tamil Nadu BJP.


In our search, we came to know that the photo and the post claimed to be announced by the Tamil Nadu BJP in its election promise to change the name of Tamil Nadu to “Dakshina Pradesh” in the national language is a fake photoshopped image.

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