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Are the petrol prices cheaper only in BJP ruling states?


17-2-2021 Petrol Price, Take a look at the petrol prices in other states.

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Amid rising petrol and diesel prices, criticisms and condemnations are being raised at the ruling BJP, with an invoice being shared between the BJP-ruling states in India and petrol price differences between other parties in the ruling states.

As on February 17, the BJP-ruled states of Arunachal Pradesh were at Rs 84.15, Assam at Rs 86.44, Goa at Rs 86.88, Himachal Pradesh at Rs 87.57, Gujarat at Rs 87.67, Uttar Pradesh at Rs 87.97, Uttarakhand at Rs 88.64 and Congress’ Rajasthan at Rs 96.01. 91.16 in Pondicherry, Rs. 90 in Communist Party of Kerala, Rs. 90.78 in West Bengal of Trinamool Congress, Rs. 96.27 in Shiv Sena, Rs. 92.15 in AIADMK, Rs. 93.09 in Telangana, Rs. 93.79 in Nagaland, Rs. 91.91 in Bihar and Rs. 91.49 in Meghalaya.

Fact Check:

Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are among the states where the petrol price has reached Rs 100 in India. Of these, Madhya Pradesh is the ruling state of BJP’s CM Shivraj Singh. As of February 22, a litre of petrol in Madhya Pradesh costs Rs 98.64.

In the southern BJP-ruled state of Karnataka, the petrol price was Rs 93.22 per litre on the 22nd. Similarly, in the southern BJP-ruled state of Andhra Pradesh, petrol prices are at Rs 87.24 per litre.

In Manipur, another BJP-ruled state, petrol is priced at Rs 94.42. BJP has been in power since 2017 under the leadership of Chief Minister N. Bren Singh.

In BJP-ruled Tripura, petrol is priced at Rs 91.62 per litre (Feb 22). On February 17, the petrol price in that state was Rs 90.57. On top of all this, in the state of Bihar, which BJP has won more seats in the elections and is a key player in the government, but only Janata Dal has only mentioned on that petrol price invoice at Rs 91.91.

According to the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) data released on February 16, the retail price of petrol (Delhi) starts from refining crude oil and goes to retail with central and state taxes.

The basic excise duty on petrol and diesel is Rs 32.90. This will vary from state to state. In some states VAT only, in some states other chess tax, including road transport with VAT and in states like Tamil Nadu the amount of Rs.13.02 has been added permanently with the minimum VAT.

There is the question of whether the GST distribution due to the states is being paid properly. There is a tendency to demand the share of GST due to states including Tamil Nadu and to deny it to the Central Government. Not only this, but there is also the question of how much paisa the central government will reimburse if 1 rupee revenue is received from a state. In such a scenario, there is the problem of less funding being given to states including Tamil Nadu, and more funding to the same BJP-ruling states. In 2018, only 29 paise per rupee was returned to Tamil Nadu.

So, due to GST money to Tamil Nadu is not coming properly. As such, the Tamil Nadu government expects a large portion of its revenue to come from petrol, diesel and TASMAC. So, can the difference between BJP-ruled states and non-BJP-ruled states be compared to just petrol prices?

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In our search, the names of the BJP-ruled states are hidden and they have mentioned only the states which have only lower petrol prices and comparing it with other states on that invoice. At the same time, it is learned that the non-ruling BJP’s states also do not even mention the name of the state where petrol prices are low.

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