BJP spreads fake news that DMK brought Halal certified products to Market.


Incredible…. Halal on cooking butter….

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Aavin is a state government co-operative which is owned by Tamil Nadu co-operative Milk Producers Federation Limited under the Government of Tamil Nadu. The co-operative procures and sells milk across the state in addition to selling various other dairy products. It also exports its products to countries like United Arab Emirates, Ajman, Oman, Qatar, US, Canada etc.

Recently, an image is being spread that Aavin products have a “Halal certified” badge on the packaging. This image is widely spread by several BJP members including BJP’s Tamil Nadu state president for IT and Social Media CTR Nirmal Kumar.

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What’s the truth?

Products that are originally from different countries should have a “Halal certified” logo on them to be eligible for sales in Islamic countries. Especially, the packaged meat should definitely have a “Halal certified” logo on them and only then they will be allowed to be sold in the country. Exporters to those countries should ensure if their products need Halal certification and print it in their packaging, if needed.

BJP supporters and the right wing accusing Aavin of having Halal badge in their products is not new. Even back in May 2020, a right wing party Indu Makkal Katchi tweeted that Aavin products have Halal badge on them during the then ADMK regime with Rajendra Balaji as the Minister for Milk & Dairy Department.

Aavin is not alone in getting the Halal certificate. Amul, a co-operative managed by Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF) also gets a Halal certified badge for the products it exports to the Islamic countries.

Moreover, even Hindu Spiritual Leader and Yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali also gets the Halal certificate for its products exported to Islamic countries. It should be noted that in 2018, Qatar briefly banned Patanjali products for non-compliance with Halal mandate which was later revoked when Patanjali got the Halal certification. Even the cow urine marketed by IMC also comes with the mention of Halal.

When this image was shared by BJP supporters, we immediately went to an Aavin Parlour in T.Nagar, Chennai to verify if the Cooking butter mentions Halal in their packaging. We found that there is no mention of Halal in the pack. The product was manufactured in September 2022. We were able to see the text “IS/ISO 22000 Certified Organisation” in the place where the virally shared image supposedly had the mention Halal.


In our search, we find the claim that Aavin products come with Halal certification, after DMK came to power and made S.M.Nasar as the Minister for Milk & Dairy Development, is false. It was present even during the previous ADMK regime.

However, this Halal certification is present only in  the packets that are meant for export to Islamic countries. But currently, BJP is spreading misinformation that this is done only after DMK came back to power in 2021.

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