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News claiming that the BJP ruled states are reducing the petrol and diesel prices is 3 years old !


Petrol and diesel prices reduced in BJP-ruled states but not in Tamil Nadu.

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In many states, the government has been receiving public outcry over the rise in petrol and diesel prices as petrol prices have been selling above 100 rupees. Posts and news related to petrol and diesel price hikes are predominant in the general television media and also on social media.

“In this situation, the social media posts claiming that the “BJP-ruled states are reducing petrol and diesel prices. However, there is no price reduction in other states (meaning non- BJP ruled states) including Tamil Nadu, which is not under BJP rule.”

According to that video , the Bihar government has also reduced petrol and diesel prices following the BJP state governments. All the BJP-ruling states have agreed to reduce petrol and diesel prices by Rs 2 to Rs 2.50 a liter, following a Rs 2.50 reduction in petrol and diesel prices by the central government and oil companies. As a result, petrol and diesel prices have been reduced by Rs.5 in 14 states. But non-BJP states have refused to reduce the value added tax on petrol and diesel. In this situation, the Bihar government has reduced the VAT by 2.50 rupees and the price of petrol and diesel in the state has come down.

What’s the Truth?

In October 2018, a number of Tamil news outlets reported on the reduction in petrol and diesel prices by up to Rs 2.50 per liter in the BJP-ruled states.

The video was released on October 6, 2018 on Polimer Channel under the headline “Tax reduction on petrol and diesel in response to the request of the Central Government”. This video is currently being circulated

For the past few days, rumors have been circulating that the Tamil Nadu government is selling a liter of petrol, which the Indian government gives it for Rs 52 and (or) Rs 59. Adding with a tax of Rs 40 by TN government. Polimer News also got into controversy by releasing that false news. Currently, People are circulating information about what happened in 2018 with the old video of the Polimer Channel as a proof.

The Economic Times reports on petrol prices in each state.As of July 5, 2021,even in BJP-ruled states, including Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka, petrol prices have crossed 100 rupees.

Conclusion :

In our search, the information circulating that petrol and diesel prices have been reduced in the BJP-ruled state but not in Tamil Nadu and the video of the polimer news is three years old.

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