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Dakshina Pradesh controversy is still revolving around BJP! Thirumavalavan’s speech and fake Photoshop!


We welcome the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, who is visiting Dakshina Pradesh to cast his vote for the National Democratic Alliance.



The BJP’s photoshopped poster has gone viral on social media announcing that it will change the name of Tamil Nadu to Dakshina Pradesh. We also published the article as it was rumoured. However, the controversy has not left the BJP till now.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who came to Tamil Nadu to cast his vote in support of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), has been criticized on social media for mentioning “Tamil Nadu” as “Dakshina Pradesh” in a poster released by the Tamil Nadu BJP.

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Fact Check:

Examining the Twitter page of the Tamil Nadu BJP regarding the viral poster, it welcomes the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

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In a poster released by the Tamil Nadu BJP, they have deliberately changed the word “Tamil Nadu will visit” to “Dakshina Pradesh through Photoshop” and have gone viral on social media.

Meanwhile, “Tamil Nadu is now renamed as Dakshina Pradesh, Chennai is a separate union territory. This is the plan of the BJP, ”said VCK leader MP Thirumavalavan.

At the DMK alliance general meeting in Salem on March 28, MP Thirumavalavan said, “What have they said in their election manifesto? Read on. They have announced that they will change the name of Tamil Nadu to Dakshina Pradesh. How much effort did Anna make to name this country as Tamil Nadu? They have announced that they are going to name Tamil Nadu as Dakshina Pradesh. ”

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Speaking to CTR Nirmal Kumar, head of the technical wing of the Tamil Nadu BJP, he said, “Absolutely not. We have also registered it as a rumour and denying it on our social media pages. ”

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In the BJP’s election manifesto , there was no announcement that Tamil Nadu would be renamed Dakshina Pradesh. But, that rumour continued to spread on social websites and is currently growing up to stage talk.


In our search, the BJP did not announce in the election manifesto that it was going to change the name of Tamil Nadu to Dakshina Pradesh.

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