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Is India the number one in administering COVID 19 vaccination ?


India reaches another milestone in total vaccine administration… India has vaccinated 32.36 crore people under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi which is the highest in the world.

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TamilNadu BJP’s official twitter handle posted that India reaches another milestone against corona. India has managed to vaccinate 32.36 crore people under the governance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi which is the highest among the world.

It includes a graphical illustration where it compares India’s total number of vaccinations with other countries like the U.K, France, Italy and USA. This twitter post has gone viral and it is actively being shared by the BJP supporters.

According to the post by Tamilnadu BJP, India has vaccinated 32.36 crore people, the United States vaccinated 32.33 crore, the UK vaccinated 7.63 crore, Germany vaccinated 7.14 crore, France vaccinated 5.24 crore and Italy vaccinated 4.9 crore.

As per the Indian government data obtained from , on July 1st India has vaccinated nearly 33 crore people. So, it is true that India slightly tops the USA in vaccination. The total number of vaccination (two doses) distributed by other countries in comparison to India has to be juxtaposed for understanding the reality

Google news gives the data of total number of vaccines administered in each country, including the number of vaccines administered per day, the number of people who have been vaccinated with two vaccines, and the percentage of people who have been vaccinated. Though the data is not exactly accurate , it gets updated frequently.

By that data, more than 300 crore vaccines have been administered across the world. China comes first. They have administered 122 crore vaccines to its people and the number of people who received both doses is 22 crore. India comes second with 32.74 crore vaccination and the USA comes third with 32.5 crore vaccination . But comparing India’s vaccination with Germany, France and the UK who don’t even have a fraction of India’s population is illogical.

The crucial point is that Indians who received both the doses of vaccines are around 5.7 crores while the USA has vaccinated 15 crore people with two doses. USA’s total vaccination percentage is 46.8% , India stands at 4.2 %. Though it is irrational to compare India’s population with the USA, China, whose population is higher than India, has the total vaccination percentage at 15.9. CNN too has confirmed that China has administered 122 crore vaccines and stands first.

Conclusion :

Based on our research, the information shared by the Tamil Nadu BJP that India has vaccinated 32.36 crore people is the highest in the world is fallacious statement. China stands first. Ruling out China in their graph and comparing India with scarcely populated countries is not a clever stratagem.

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