BJPians spread an edited photo of wrestlers claiming that they are laughing after the arrest.


Drama is over. Now all going home smiling. They only came for the photo to ruin today’s inaugarations

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Famous Indian wrestlers have been protesting in Delhi since April 23 to demand the arrest of WFI (Wrestling Federation of India) president and BJP MP Brij Bhushan Charan Singh over sexual harassment case mentioning that no action was taken against him.

Claiming that they have not received any justification yet, they took part in a rally towards the newly opened Parliament building on May 28. At that time, Delhi Police’s crackdown on them in the Jantar Mantar area, three kilometers away from the new Parliament building, drew attention at the Indian level.

In this case, when the Delhi police forcibly dragged the protestors into a bus, a photo of two wrestlers, the Phogat sisters, sitting inside the bus, went viral on social media.

In the shared posts, the BJP was also spreading that they are acting like they are protesting while laughing inside and crying outside. Some of the post a with these claims can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

The actual photo taken by the wrestlers in the police vehicle was edited by Face App mobile application and is being spread on social media. It can be confirmed through the video below that they have edited and spread it through Face App.

Also, a search for an actual photo of the Phogat sisters smiling revealed that they do not have dimples on their cheeks when they smile. In the edited photo that is going viral, wrestler Vinesh Phogat can be seen with a dimple on her cheek while smiling, whereas her actual photo below shows no dimple when she smiles.

This confirmed that the photo circulated by the BJP was edited.

Following this, many people including BJP’s Amar Prasad shared on social media claiming that the video of wrestler Vinesh Phogat smiling and talking through the window of the bus was not edited, but they were actually laughing and acting.

A perusal of the video showed her satirically criticizing the Union government and saying, “Long Live New India!” One could hear her saying that in Hindi. With this, she was able to make clear that they did not get justice and she was saddened that Olympians were being portrayed as criminals and she satirically said congratulations to the new India.

Next, some people are criticizing another video of wrestler Vinesh Phogat laughing. So after analyzing the video she spoke in Hindi, it says, “We are in one bus, Sakshi is in another bus, we don’t know where they are taking us, they are trying to grab our phones but we are not giving. I am happy that India is progressing, first, the farmers sat on the road and cried.

India didn’t wake up then, next time Indian soldiers didn’t even get a chance to speak, and now they are dragging us in a bus. I don’t know whose turn is next. The Constitution of India is on the right track and will be written in history. Vinesh Phogat and Sangeeta Phogat have been arrested.”

Through this, it can be seen that her satirical criticism in agony has been wrongly spread by the BJP on social media.

This article is originally published in Tamil by Youturn.


In our search, we have come to know that the photo that the BJP is spreading on social media as wrestlers who are protesting outside and laughing inside the bus is fake and they have edited and spread their real photo as if they are smiling through an app like Face App.

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