This article is from May 27, 2021

Did BBC report that black fungal infections are caused because of drinking cow’s urine?


Black fungus: Indian scientists find cow dung linked to 9,000 cases of rare infection – BBC

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While the Covid-19 epidemic in India is on the rise, the black fungus outbreak is causing panic and stir among the people. Meanwhile, we are also looking at the unintelligible actions of people who applying cow dung and consuming urine for corona infection.

In the meantime, a screenshot has gone viral across India, claiming that the BBC published an article in English saying, “Indian scientists have discovered that black fungus is caused by cow dung.”

Searching for the BBC article titled “Black fungus: Indian scientist finds cow urine linked with 9,000 cases of rare infection”, no such news was published. we were able to notice that the news text was edited in the photo that went viral.

In a search of BBC articles on black fungus we ended up with an article entitled “Black fungus: India reports nearly 9,000 cases of a rare infection.” In both, the names of the article editor wereSoutik Biswas” where he can be identified as BBC India’s correspondent. They have edited the screenshot of the article itself.


In our search, we came to know that the photo of the BBC’s article spread that “Indian scientists have discovered that the black funguses infection was caused because of drinking cow’s urine” is a fake and edited news image.

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