Book titled “Magnificent Bharat” is not issued to delegates attending the G20 Summit


Is this really shared with the G20 delegates? Scary! Can someone do a fact check?

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In the above post, we were able to see a book cover with a YouTube link claiming these booklets are to be distributed to the Dignitaries visiting Bharat during the G20 meeting. The book’s title was seen as “Magnificent Bharat Part 2 written by Krishna Neha Agarrwaal” with an Indian flag as its cover. Here the user posted this and asked someone to fact-check the truth behind this booklet.

So, when we clicked the link we were taken to a YouTube page namely, ‘Fusion Tales’ where we saw the 4-minute 35-second video of the booklet in a digital version that too page by page. The video was uploaded with the title, “Booklet to be distributed to the Dignitaries visiting Bharat during G2O meet | Magnificent Bharat” on 10 September.

Similarly, when we searched through the internet we were able to see that many users have shared those pages of the book with the same claims as seen here, here, and here. Come let’s check the authenticity of this viral claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research using the simple Google reverse image process of the book cover, we found out that, the book was authored by the same person as shown in the viral image “Magnificent Bharat Part 2 written by Krishna Neha Agarrwaal.” Interestingly, the search image took us from the already existing book to an Amazon website page. There we found that the book has 69 pages priced at 100 Rs and was published on 8 August 2021 on Kindle.

Then we went through the official website of summit G20 to find out the names of the books to be issued during the event. While browsing through the site we didn’t find any books by the name of “Magnificent Bharat Part 2” in the whole documents section.

According to the Timesnow article published on 5 September regarding the book titles to be issued to the delegates who attend the G20 summit, there was no mention of the title “Magnificent Bharat”.

Moreover, we have also attached the digital version of “Bharat, The Mother of Democracy” book for your reference.

This perfectly proves that the above book titled “Magnificent Bharat” is not issued at the G20 summit. The viral post carrying the book cover is circulated with misleading claims.


Therefore, from the above evidence it is clearly understood that the viral claim about the “Magnificent Bharat” book is false and manipulating.

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