Video of a boy doing Namaz in middle of the road is not from Pakistan


How does one country produce so many rectums? How does Pakistan do it?

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Tarek Fatah, a Twitter user who share misinformation often shared a video of a small boy doing namaz in the middle of the road blocking cars in the context that it is from Pakistan. This video gained 604k views and still counting. Tarek Fatah also shared multiple similar claims earlier. The video is also shared in Facebook with the same claim.

What is the truth?

When watching the video closely, ‘Talabat’, a food delivery vehicle is seen in the video. Talabat is operated in most Middle East countries including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Oman but is not available in Pakistan.

In addition to it, the steering wheels can be seen on the left side of the car which is the opposite in the case of Pakistan cars.

The viral video has the TikTok watermark ‘ahom75uddin’ in it. When searching for the profile, it is found that the video was posted a week back.

The same person also posted the same video on his Facebook page on 11, January 2023 mentioning it as ‘Dubai Masjid’.

Though we could not ascertain where this video was captured we could confirm that the video is not from Pakistan.

Tarek Fatah earlier shared an old video of a verbal spat between medical professionals during surgery inside an operation theatre of a hospital in Rajasthan claiming it as Pakistan hospital. Youturn fact-checked the claim and published an article on it.

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A video of a boy doing Namaz in the middle of the road in Dubai is falsely claimed as it happened in Pakistan.

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