No, Brazilian former football player Pele is not dead.


#Pele the original #FootballWizard is no more.  May his soul rest in peace. #RIPPelé

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Edson Arantes do Nascimento (known as Pelé) is a Former Brazil football player. It is viral on social media that he is no more. Hashtags ‘RIP Pele’ and ‘RIP Legend’ are being used on Twitter. Posts with similar claims can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

A simple google search clarifies that Pele is alive and stable though he was hospitalized. On 1, December 2022, Pele took it to his Facebook page with the message ‘Friends, I am at the hospital making my monthly visit. It’s always nice to receive positive messages like this. Thanks to Qatar for this tribute, and to everyone who sends me good vibes!’.

A Facebook post by ‘Bleacher Report Football’ on 3, December 2022 mentioned ‘Pele remains in a stable condition after being hospitalized this week. Folha de S.Paulo reported earlier that the 82-year-old had been receiving palliative care after chemotherapy stopped having the expected results but the hospital did not confirm that information’.

The Facebook page ‘Qatar Living’ posted on 5, December 2022, a picture of fans holding a ‘Get well soon Pele’ banner in the recent FIFA World Cup match.

Pele posted the 3, December 2022 dated statement from the hospital on his Instagram page with the caption “My friends, I want to keep everyone calm and positive. I’m strong, with a lot of hope and I follow my treatment as usual. I want to thank the entire medical and nursing team for all the care have received. I have a lot of faith in God and every message of love I receive from you all over the world keeps me full of energy. And watch Brazil in the World Cup too! Thank you so much for everything”.

The medical report is roughly translated as ‘Arantes do Nascimento was admitted to the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein last Tuesday (29) for a reassessment of the chemotherapy treatment for the colon tumor, identified in September 2021. He is still undergoing treatment and the health status remains stable. It has also had a good response to respiratory infection care, not presenting no worsening in the condition in the last 24 hours’.

The ‘Sky Sports’ article dated 6, December 2022 reported that he has stable vital signs, is conscious, and with no new complications, the Albert Einstein hospital said in a statement.


It is found that the claim Pele is dead is a rumour. He is alive and his medical report states that he is stable.

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