This particular helicopter crash did not kill the bride or groom


The bride and groom arriving and landing in a luxurious wedding helicopter, all dreams vanish in a moment….

Parents watching their own children die helplessly,

invited guests too.

*Never be proud of wealth and the blessings we have received.*

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A 2-minute video clip of a helicopter crash while landing is shared widely with the claim that a bride and groom arriving in a helicopter for their wedding ceremony lost their lives in the accident in front of their parents and the invited guests. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with the relevant keywords, we found a Facebook video dated 15, June 2018 posted by a user named ‘Kenneth Magara’. This video matches the visuals from the viral video. It is mentioned in the post that it happened in Brazil and the bride survived miraculously. And the location of the incident is identified as the wedding venue, a vineyard north of São Paulo, Brazil.

With further search, we found a Mirror article dated 6, May 2018 reporting about the incident related to the viral video. It is also found that the above-mentioned Facebook post used the same content as this article. This article also carries the tweet of the Fire department of São Paulo, Brazil which says that the bride is rescued without any injuries and the pilot with abrasions.

Further, the Twitter page of a newspaper in Brazil, Estadao is found carrying a similar video captured from the same incident on 6, May 2018 mentioning it as “Helicopter carrying the bride to wedding party crashes and leaves three injured in Vinhedo”.

The Independent article dated 8, May 2018 reported about the incident with visuals of the helicopter crash. It is mentioned that the bride was unharmed and proceeded with the wedding ceremony. It further says that two other passengers, a child and a photographer suffered minor injuries.

The Sun article dated 6, May 2018 is found carrying multiple images from the incident including the image of the bride being saved from the helicopter and a photo of the wedding.

Though there were incidents of helicopter crash in a wedding ceremony that killed lives, the bride and the others from this particular helicopter crash are safe and the wedding took place as planned.


It is found from our search that an old video of a helicopter crash in a wedding ceremony from 2018 is falsely claimed that the bride and groom were killed in the incident. It is known that the groom was not in the helicopter and everyone in the helicopter including the bride and the pilot were rescued.

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