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Bride slapped groom for chewing gutka… Is the viral video true?


Bride slapped the groom in the wedding pavilion for chewing tobacco.

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Tamil media outlets and other YouTube channels are sharing a viral video claiming that the bride slapped the groom in their wedding ceremony for chewing gutka.

What is the Truth?

The news articles were published just because it is a viral video but with no details on the whereabouts of the video.

When the keyframes of the video are reverse searched, the 4th April 2020 dated 11-minute video published by a youtube channel named Chandan Mishra had the viral video clip at 7th minute.

The entire video seems to be captured for fun. The said video is tagged as ‘ramlal maithili comedy’. Chandan Mishra YouTube channel based in Bihar has published several other videos with the person who claimed to be the groom in the viral clip.

Another similar comedy video with the same people claimed as bride and groom as in wedding ceremony was published during 2019 December on the same YouTube channel.


The news published by the media outlets claiming that the bride slaps the groom for chewing tobacco is fake.

The original video was published in 2020 by a Bihar based YouTube channel for fun and a clip of it is snipped and is being circulated on social media which the media outlets published as news thinking it to be true.

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