Did the Bull launch the people toward the stands in the game of Bubble Bull Soccer? Read more




In the 10-second viral clip shared by the user namely, ‘Out of Context Human Race’ there’s no caption. This viral clip has garnered around 2.9M views, 13.9K likes, and more than 1850 reposts. In the clip, we see a raging bull kicking with the help of its head against people in the bubbles.

The bubble or the zorbing ball worn by the players is blue and white in color. In the video, we also watch that some people in the bubbles are overthrown towards the stands by the angry bull. This same clip is shared by some other users on social media and can be seen here and here. Come, let’s check how much truth this scary video holds.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research with the keyframes from the viral clip we got the same video from the YouTube shorts from a channel namely ‘Rated Red’ with the caption “What could go wrong.”

When we watched this video, we understood that the bull launching the players high toward the people sitting in the stands is an edited version. Yes, this is the same video from the same ground as we are able to see the posters of “Texas Cowboy Reunion” and “Walmart” in the background. Unfortunately, in the original version the people doesn’t fly that high as shown in the viral clip.

This clearly proves that the viral video is an edited one that is circulated on social media.

We also did an advanced search with keywords such as ‘Bubble Bull Soccer’, and ‘Cowboy Texas’ and got an article related to the above viral clipping. The article was titled as ‘Watch a Bull Launch People During ‘Bubble Bull Soccer’ at Texas Rodeo’ and was published on 11 July 2023.  According to the report, the writer himself has acknowledged that “there is a high chance of the video has been heavily edited” at the start of the article. The article speaks about how people see this scary game as fun and entertainment with a lot of prize money involved for their medical expenses if something goes wrong.

This clearly proves that the video is an edited version doing rounds on all social media platforms whereas in reality, the bull doesn’t send any people that high towards the stands in the stadium.


Thus, we conclude with the available evidence that the bull launching the Bubble ball soccer players high in the air is an edited and modified version and not a real video.

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