What is the partial truth of bull with 3 horns and 3 eyes? Read, to know the facts.


The tweet in Hindi roughly translates to “Nandi Maharaj(Ox) with 3 eyes and 3 horns was seen for the first time today outside Shri Mahakal temple in Ujjain and that too in Sawan” #Ujjain #MadhyaPradesh Har har Mahadev, share this video must be viral.

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In our country, anything unusual or different is considered fascinating. Cows are considered sacred and worshipped spiritually, especially in northern parts of India among Hindus.

In this case, a video of a bull has been posted claiming that it has three horns and three eyes which is living in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. It is said that the special Bull was found at Kalabhairava Temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, and its 3 Horns look like Trishul; the 3 eyes are like those of the Hindu god Lord Shiva.


When we watched one such video, a bull is seen with three horns. This video is the most sensational news in North India, the user further added to share the tweet to make it more viral in his message. There are so many other tweets with different messages which can be viewed here, here and here. So we investigated further to find out the truth about whether this cow is said to have three eyes.

What is the truth?

When we started our research with relevant keywords, we were able to see multiple pictures of the bull with the three horns as claimed. This bull has only three horns growing, and what looks like a third eye in the middle of the two eyes is the base of the third horn. It appears like an eye, which is actually a simple mark.

This bull was brought by Baldev Maharaj from Chattrapur to Ujjain Simhasta Mahagumba Mela held in 2016. The special animal has attracted a lot of curious visitors and pilgrims during the mela in Ujjain, a popular religious festival.

Especially, because the bull appeared in the form of Nandi, known as the vehicle of the Hindu god Shiva, it invited the attention of many tourists and devotees. It is said that people worshipped the unusual-looking bull as Nandi.


On May 1, 2016, Navbharat Times reported that three horned Nandi was the centre of attraction in Simhastha Kumbh.

However, no information is available on where this bull came from. But it is said that a farmer left the three-horned bull at the ashram.

Although the birth of creatures with unusual appearances is seen as rare, it cannot be denied that this happens in all living things. Cows are rarely born with three or four horns and three eyes. Even humans are born with four arms and legs.

This article is published in Tamil by Youturn in October 2019.


To conclude, the bull seen in the video circulating on social media as the three-horned, three-eyed bull has only three horns. There is no third eye. It is the base of the horn. This bull is bred in Madhya Pradesh.

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