No, burqa-clad Muslim man did not try to kidnap a Hindu child


Abdul wearing Burqa trying to kidnap a Hindu child.

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A video purportedly showing a burqa-clad man kidnapping a child getting caught is widely shared with the claim that a Muslim man wearing a burqa is trying to kidnap a Hindu child. This video is shared with the similar claim by multiple Twitter users and has gained views in thousands.

What is the truth?

Multiple similar videos of child kidnapping are earlier found as scripted ones. When searching with relevant keywords we found several scripted videos of child kidnapping in the name of prank videos.

This particular viral video is found on the Facebook page of ‘Ankur Jatuskaran’ and was posted on 25, February 2023. Right below the video we found the members of the creation team. The members are listed as ‘Ankur-Ankit Jatuskarn’ and ‘Ankur Jatuskaran’.

Further, when watching the video posted on the Facebook page, at 0:21 seconds disclaimer is displayed for not more than one second. The disclaimer reads “The video is purely for entertainment and is a work of fiction. We do not wish to hurt the sentiments of any person or class. In no way does this video insult any stream, field or people. All characters, events & incidents in this video are fictitious….”

When checking the profile of Ankur Jatuskaran, the bio part mentioned that his Facebook page is all about prank videos from his YouTube channel clarifying that the viral video is not real but a scripted one.

Multiple scripted or prank videos went viral earlier and Youturn fact-checked most of them. The links to those articles are listed below.

The video showing Moulana caught red handed by Hindu activists is actually scripted.

A scripted video of a 22-yr-old man marrying a 52-yr-old woman is shared thinking as real

A scripted video of a young woman marrying an old man is mistaken to be real and shared virally.

A scripted video is used to allege Bihari workers are attacked in Tamil Nadu.

Prank video of peeing on gulab jamuns shared as food jihad


It is found from our search that the claim that a Muslim man in burqa is trying to kidnap a Hindu child is false. The video is a scripted one and was shot by Ankur Jatuskaran who has posted several similar insane videos on his social media pages.

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